Human dimensions in wildlife conservation

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Research has shown that the planet is facing species loss and ecosystem degradation at unprecedent rates. To halt this biodiversity crisis, we have seen the development of global biodiversity targets, creation and expansion of protected areas, successful translocation and breeding programs, and many more conservation actions. Yet, such efforts can only be truly effective if they incorporate human dimensions as well. A focus on understanding people’s knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours regarding wildlife conservation is vital for informed decision making and driving change. Integrating this information will help to provide a consideration of the socioeconomic contexts of specific conservation issues and open constructive dialogue between stakeholders at all levels, from local farmers or foragers to governments and NGOs.

This Collection offers a platform for the latest original research on human dimensions in wildlife conservation. It invites submissions in the fields of ecology, conservation, environmental sciences, sustainability, and interdisciplinary research, including studies that involve (but are not limited to) a social science or economic analysis component.

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