Synthesis and enabling technologies

Chemists and material scientists can create molecules, compounds, materials and devices comprising infinite compositions, connectivities and arrangements, and hence choosing what to make and figuring out how to make it, are part of the compelling challenge. Once these entities are in hand, researchers are poised to probe their chemical, physical, biological or electronic properties, with the hope of advancing our conceptual knowledge or benefiting humankind or our society. This journey makes synthesis an enabling science; opening up innovations in healthcare, energy-related materials, to name a few, and driving the development of sustainable and renewable technologies.

To mark the launch of Nature Synthesis in January 2022, the editors have curated an online Collection of recent articles published by Nature Research on themes within the scope of Nature Synthesis. This Collection reflects our motivation to publish articles in the fields of both chemistry and materials science, with a focus on the synthesis, fabrication and processing of molecules, compounds and materials. The editors of Nature Synthesis are also keen to publish articles reporting technological advances that improve the synthesis of target products, in terms of ease, efficiency, speed or sustainability, as well as opening up synthetic routes to new and valuable products. These advances may include innovations in automation or machine learning. By featuring such breadth and diversity in content, we hope to bring together scientists from various disciplines, both in academia and industry.

Nature Synthesis will publish original research articles, reviews, and news & opinion articles, and is now open for submissions. To learn more about how to submit an article, please visit our For Authors pages.

a repeating pattern of blue and white molecules resembling graphene blurring into smaller molecular structures arranged in the same pattern.

Biosynthesis & organic synthesis

Inorganic & organometallic synthesis

Materials & self-assembly

Technology-enabled synthesis