High-entropy alloys and ceramics

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The traditional approach to materials design is to start with a base composition and then tune its chemistry by adding smaller amounts of other elements or compounds. However, a new approach has emerged; mixing similar amounts of each component can result in only a single- or few-phase material. This has been demonstrated for a range of alloys and ceramics, which are generally known as ‘high-entropy’ materials. Interest in these materials is driven by: 1) advanced properties, which make them promising for applications such as structural components and in energy storage, and 2) fascinating science in how their properties are determined by their electronic, atomic and micro-scale structure.

This Collection will bring together the latest thinking and new understanding of high-entropy alloys and ceramics, and works related to their applications. A secondary aim is to encourage an exchange of ideas between the high-entropy alloys and high-entropy ceramics communities. Topics of interest include the following:

  • Fundamental understanding of formation, structure and behavior
  • Property characterization, including for specific applications
  • Applications demonstrations
  • Advanced theoretical, simulation and experimental approaches
  • Synergy between high-entropy alloys and high-entropy ceramics

We welcome the submission of any paper related to high-entropy alloys and ceramics. All submissions will be subject to the same review process and editorial standards as regular Communications Materials Articles.

Close-up of the structure of a high-entropy alloy/ceramic