Innovations in Stem Cell Biology 2023

Stem cell models of development, regeneration, and disease are quickly advancing. New technologies and concepts are continuously combined with existing knowledge to create more realistic systems to improve our understanding of these intricate processes.

In this collection, we highlight papers published in 2022-2023 across Nature Portfolio journals on topics including embryonic development and stem cells, reproductive biology, synthetic tissues and embryo models, clinical and translational research and tissue stem cells.

Please review the editorial policies and peer review processes for each participating journal by visiting the links provided in the "Participating Journals" tab.

JeWell microchips facilitate compartmentalized organoid culture and allow single-objective light sheet imaging of up to 96 organoids in 3D and in three colors in one hour.


Embryoids and Organoids

Progenitors and Progeny

Disease Models and Therapies

Development and Reproduction