Microbiome & Nutrition

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Nutrition is a crucial aspect of human and animal health, which is mediated in part by the gut microbiota. Microbiome processes are important for health and can be targeted in clinical nutrition-based interventions. 

Nature Microbiology and Nature Communications invite submission of research articles spanning the topic of microbiome and nutrition. This includes, but is not limited to, microbial metabolism of food and dietary components, human and animal health and disease including malnutrition, microbial foods, and microbiome-based dietary interventions. We also encourage submissions aiming to develop best practices and reporting of these studies.

This collection will be regularly updated with new content, selected by our editorial teams, and accompanied by commissioned Reviews, Perspectives, and Comments . All manuscripts will be considered according to our editorial policies and any published articles will be  peer reviewed. Submissions are welcomed on a rolling basis. 

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Microbiome intestine factories and microbiota. Gut health 3d render. Microvilli with factories in intestine