Nuclear and particle physics

The study of atomic nuclei is by now a very active and developed field, with both fundamental and technological implications. Its more fundamental spin-off, particle physics, while constantly refining the impressive building of the Standard Model, is trying to come to grips with mysteries like dark matter or neutrino masses. Within this page, we will highlight our latest most interesting papers within these areas.


Marco Bentivegna

Marco has a research background in quantum optics, quantum information and particle physics. He mainly worked on quantum computation and simulation through integrated photonic circuits, but also on quantum nonlocality and contextuality. He handles manuscripts in the areas of quantum information, computation and communication, fundamental aspects of quantum theory, and particle physics.

Bishwanath Gaire

Bishwanath has a background in atomic, molecular and optical physics and handles manuscripts in many areas of physics such as AMO (ultrafast and ultracold), plasma and nuclear physics.