f-block elements

Actinides and lanthanides, the f-block elements, are used in a wide variety of fields including telecommunications, medicine, imaging, sensors, energy, catalysis, and data storage. However, compared to other blocks in the periodic table, f-elements remain underexplored. Deepening our knowledge on the coordination chemistry of actinides and lanthanides, and exploring their unique physical, optical, and magnetic properties, is pivotal not only to solve fundamental questions but also to ultimately enable new technologies with these elements.

We curated a collection on some of our recently published work in this area to showcase the progress in both basic research and applied aspects of f-block elements. This collection is divided in four sections. The first one is dedicated to fundamental studies on the coordination chemistry and bonding of actinides and lanthanides. The second section focuses on the application of f-elements in catalysis, and is followed by a module on the development of materials for diverse applications. The last section covers electronic and spin properties of f-elements. We hope that this collection will spike the interest of the scientific community and contribute to shedding light on some of the current challenges in this field.

Green needle-shaped single crystals


Structure and bonding in f-block complexes

f-elements in catalysis


Electronic and spin properties