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Focus on Big Data in Health

Big data is changing the face of medical research at a staggering pace. In this Focus issue, Nature Medicine explores Big Data: what are the next steps toward a substantial positive impact on human health?




Large-scale multi-modal information on patients’ health is ever increasing, providing an opportunity to use big data for taking individualized medicine to a global scale.

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A statistical model based on an analysis of routinely collected data from 1980 to 2017 predicts 1,601 excess injury deaths per year in the contiguous USA if average temperatures rise by 1.5 °C.

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Although examples of algorithms designed to improve healthcare delivery abound, for many, clinical integration will not be achieved. The deployment cost of machine learning models is an underappreciated barrier to success. Experts propose three criteria that, assessed early, could help estimate the deployment cost.

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The increased amount of health care data collected brings with it ethical and legal challenges for protecting the patient while optimizing health care and research.

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