Ecological restoration and rewilding

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A joint Guest Edited Collection from Communications Biology and Scientific Reports.

The United Nations General Assembly has declared this upcoming decade the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, highlighting how management and research to restore degraded ecosystems, and reverse the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss, are being prioritised worldwide. To address this critical need for empirical research evaluating these efforts, we are opening a call for submissions relating to ecological restoration and rewilding to either Communications Biology or Scientific Reports.

We welcome submissions of primary research that examine the application and management of restoration and rewilding in practice, and its impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in all systems and at all scales. We encourage submissions that investigate these topics in the context of conservation, ecology, and biology, however strictly social-science-based research is outside the scope of the journals and this collection. Other article types, such as Reviews, Perspectives, and Comments can be considered for inclusion in the Collection but only for publication in Communications Biology.

Authors will have the option to submit to either Communications Biology or Scientific Reports, and submissions will be handled by editors across both journals. In the event that a manuscript submitted to Communications Biology is considered to not meet the editorial criteria for advance and novelty at the initial decision, the authors have the option to transfer their manuscript to Scientific Reports and retain their handling Guest Editor, benefitting from shared editors between the journals that allows for a streamlined and accelerated transfer process. 

This Collection is no longer open for new submisisons

Three wolves running across a snowy landscape with pines trees in the background