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Conferences are an essential part of any scientist's life. Learn how to give a great talk, and what the future of conferences might look like. Meet researchers whose careers have been changed by attending the right seminar, and read how conference organisers are making their events more diverse. This Guide is designed for any scientist to make the most out of attending events, either as a delegate or speaker.

2020 articles

Despite the drawbacks, and the temptation to snack during virtual meetings, Roseanna Hare now appreciates the benefits of videoconferencing.

Career Column | | Nature

Four scientists with disabilities or chronic conditions share their conference conundrums and give advice on improving accessibility.

Career Guide | | Nature

Molecular biologist Oded Rechavi explains his idea for bringing the Twitter science community together at ‘the Woodstock of Biology’.

Career Guide | | Nature

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It’s tempting to try to attend sessions morning, noon and night, network like crazy during every ‘spare’ minute and drink vats of coffee to stay alert. Paris H. Grey has more realistic suggestions to get maximum value from any conference.

Career Column | | Nature

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