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Infectious disease

COVID-19 has brought new urgency to the study of infectious disease. This Nature Index supplement shines a light on some of the research, and the people and institutions behind it, that aims to reduce the staggering human and economic cost of communicable disease

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A*STAR Infectious Diseases Labs, in Singapore, addresses a range of diseases, from COVID-19 and its mutations to many other pathogens. Its mission includes defence against the next pandemic outbreak.

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A newly integrated division of medicine and photonics at Tokushima University is investigating ways to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19.

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The ability to break microorganisms, viruses, and endotoxins down into smaller fragments enhances the utility of sterilization systems in hospitals and laboratories.

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By combining high-resolution techniques with virology and stem cell science, the Kyoto University Institute for Life and Medical Sciences is paving the way to a new frontier in virus research.

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