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European Strategy for Particle Physics

The European Strategy for Particle Physics is the decision-making process underpinning the long-term future of particle physics in Europe. This Focus issue outlines the main proposals under consideration for the 2020 update to the strategy.


The impending update to the European Strategy for Particle Physics is an apt moment to chart the future of the field — a future that should be supported and ensured.

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The particle physics community refreshes the roadmap for the field in Europe, taking into account the worldwide context, in the so-called European Strategy for Particle Physics update, which happens every seven years.

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The Future Circular Colliders are proposed as a future step after the Large Hadron Collider has stopped running. The first stage foresees collision of electron–positron pairs before a machine upgrade to allow proton–proton operation.

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Proposals for the particle physics programmes in the United States and Asia are discussed; mainly the International Linear Collider in Japan, the Circular Electron–Positron Collider in China and accelerator-based long-baseline neutrino experiments in the United States.

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