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Immunology is a functional definition describing studies related to host protection mechanisms against pathogens, and is thus in itself a multi-disciplinary science linking topics such as biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology and disease. Here in this editorial page, we select articles that feel most exciting to us to share with you, and hope that you will feel the same.

Nicholas Bernard

Nick has a background in cellular and molecular immunology and biochemistry and the overlap with bacterial, viral and parasitic host-pathogen interactions. As an editor, he handles the breadth of immunology and is particularly interested in immunometabolism, autoimmune diseases and innate immune responses to infection.

Luca Danelli

Luca has a background in immunology. He is interested in immune-based therapies to treat cancer. As an editor, he mainly handles papers in cancer immunology and immunotherapy.


Ildiko Gyory

Ildiko has a background in medicine, molecular and developmental immunology with overlap to cancer and immunotropic viruses. As an editor, she handles papers that span from transcriptional and epigenetic regulation in immunology to cancer immunology, immunotherapy and immuno-pathology.

Anna Kriebs

Anna’s background is in mammalian circadian clocks and their role in physiology and disease. As an editor she is interested in molecular mechanisms of organismal physiology, as well as translational and clinical research. Anna handles submissions in liver, adipose, and pancreatic biology, metabolic health, circadian rhythms, and aging.

Ching-Yu Huang

Ching-yu has a background in developmental immunology, repertoire generation and immune cell signaling. In addition to being consulted by others on the team, as an editor he handles general immunology, systems immunology and thymocyte development.

Gavin Mason (@GavinMMason1)

Gavin has a background in cell biology, immunology, microbiology and translational immunology. Editorially, they handle a broad range of immunological submissions with a key focus on host pathogen interactions, mucosal immunology and the microbiome.

Paraskevi Mallini

Paraskevi has a background in cancer biology with a focus on epithelial to mesenchymal transition, cancer stem cells and drug resistance. She also has 4 years of experience from the biotechnology industry in the field of TCR repertoire identification and analysis for immunotherapies. As an editor Paraskevi handles papers on cancer genetics/genomics, epigenetics/epigenomics and immunogenomics.

Timothy Powell

Tim has a background in cellular immunology, anti-viral immunity and respiratory research. As an editor he handles manuscripts in systems immunology, immune cell biology, anti-viral immunity and general immunology.

Katie Ridd

Katie has a background in cancer cell biology and genetics, and previously focused on skin cancer. As an editor her interests span all of cancer research including clinical, therapy, immunology, metabolism, molecular biology and cell biology. Katie handles an array of papers but has a particular focus on cancer imaging.

Aishwarya Sundaram

Aishwarya has 6+ years of experience in pharmaceutical drug discovery research, spanning multiple therapeutic areas, followed by doctoral studies with a focus on pancreatic cancer. As an editor, she handles broad topics including cancer metastasis, drug discovery, nanotherapy, tumor models and epidemiology.


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