Spintronics using altermagnets and antiferromagnets

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The field of spintronics has, so far, focused on magnetic systems with uncompensated order, i.e. ferromagnets and ferrimagnets. Both these systems can be easily studied using conventional techniques, which exploit their finite net magnetic moment. However, the application of ferromagnets and ferrimagnets to spintronics can also be hindered by their net moment, which may be affected by neighboring devices or external fields. Here, compensated magnets, like altermagnets and antiferromagnets, have the advantage — they cannot easily be affected by external magnetic fields, but often only by spin-currents using spintronics. Also, their dynamic behavior is associated with THz frequencies compared to GHz for ferromagnets. Hence, the next fundamental step for the field of spintronics to improve reliability, speed and efficiency will likely be in this direction.

This collection aims to promote the adoption of altermagnetic and antiferromagnetic spintronics by highlighting the most recent advances in this research direction. As the field is just developing, we seek to publish fundamental research alongside original works describing the fabrication, characterization and application of altermagnetic and antiferromagnetic spintronic devices.

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Unveiling the Enigmatic Magnetic Field Phenomenon


  • Hendrik Ohldag

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, USA