Antibiotic resistance

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Although the development of modern antibiotics has saved millions of lives, many antibiotics are now less effective as microbes develop resistance. Antibiotic resistance is a serious threat to health globally as millions of deaths annually can be attributed to antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, with this number set to rise. The causes of this antibiotic resistance vary, and include overuse in antibiotics in agriculture, misuse of antibiotics in medicine, and even the consumption of a more processed diet. Additionally, in some settings it can be difficult to determine which antibiotic a patient might respond to, increasing the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and prescription of incorrect antibiotics, which can also contribute to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Understanding the mechanisms underlying antibiotic resistance and how best to combat it is vital to addressing this global health issue. This need is captured in the One Health approach, which looks at antibiotic resistance as it affects humans, animals, and the environment.

This Collection aims at exploring the current state of antibiotic resistance and welcomes original research examining the causes of antibiotic resistance and research aimed at preventing and overcoming antibiotic resistance.

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