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Pollution, climate change, depleted water reserves and a reduction in biodiversity are among the most alarming consequences of the harm inflicted on the environment by humans’ uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources. The extent of damage is huge and will affect the well-being of future generations. This selection of News, Comment, Review and Research articles from Nature and relevant Nature Research Journals explores the priorities for building a sustainable future.

Handing on a sustainable future

Economists have studied how people cooperate in groups, but they haven't looked specifically at whether individuals are happy to cooperate with future generations who cannot reciprocate. A team led by Martin Nowak of Harvard University wanted to test whether groups of people could sustain a resource over several 'generations' of players. See what happened in this handy, candy-filled Nature Video. Nature (25 June 2014)

Focus: Sustainability on Earth

Seventeen goals to ensure the sustainable development of the planet have been identified by the world's political leaders, and they are ready to be adopted at a Summit in New York on 25 to 27 September. The challenges encompass environmental, economic and social aspects of one overarching aim: to allow humanity to thrive without depleting the Earth's resources. We present a collection of opinion pieces and primary research articles that illustrate the enormity and range of the tasks ahead. Nature Geoscience (21 September 2015)

Insight: Sustainable ecosystems and society

Human actions influence many of the ecosystems that provide us with essential products and services, we must therefore modify our behaviour so that ecosystems can operate in a sustainable way. This Insight discusses terrestrial agriculture, the relationship between societies and fire, and preserving natural ecosystems through protected areas. Nature (04 November 2014)