Sustainable Clean Water

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Water is essential for life, agriculture, industry, and ecosystem health. Studies on sustainable clean water are tackling critical global challenges of how to ensure safe, reliable, and equitable access to water. With growing population and intensifying climate change, water scarcity and contamination are seen as the pressing issues that threaten health, ecosystems, and economies.

Sustainable clean water encompasses a broad spectrum of research topics, from innovative purification technologies to integrated water resources management strategies, across diverse geographical areas. Locally, it entails that communities in water-stressed and rural areas have access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation facilities. Regionally, it involves managing agricultural, industrial, and service activities to prevent water overuse and pollution in basins and aquifers. Globally, it addresses transboundary water issues, promotes international cooperation, and contributes to achieving global water security and associated SDGs. It is of prime pivotality to promote solutions that can be implemented within various contexts and corresponding spatial resolution.

This Collection aims to advance scientific understanding and technological innovations that underscore optimal management practices of sustainable clean water for balancing human and ecosystem needs, either scale-wise or sector-wise.

We invite submissions, Reviews and Perspectives are particularly welcome, to underline the following topics, which include but not limited to:

  • Novel filtration and purification methods, water recycling and reuse systems, and desalination technologies.
  • Integrated water resources management strategies, ideally coupled with scenarios on climate change mitigation and adaption.
  • Model and measure development for water economics, policies, regulations, and education.
  • Impacts of water use and contamination on biodiversity and ecosystem health.
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