Key Advances in Medicine 2018

Much like our oceans, the world of clinical and biomedical research is vast, fast-paced, dynamic and full of unanswered questions. In 2017, numerous advances were made that could change the tide of efforts to fight disease. The Key Advances in Medicine eBook distils the major discoveries made in 2017 and highlights trends to look out for in 2018.

This eBook is free* to access and download, and contains 44 articles written by international experts who have identified the top ground-breaking papers published within their specialties. Altogether, the authors provide summaries and critiques of >200 key papers published in leading journals.

Key Advances in Medicine, a product from the eight clinical Nature Reviews journals, is a vital resource for busy students, physicians and clinical researchers who want expert opinion on the most important developments in 2017.

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*The individual articles are not free. For free access, please download the eBook.

Cardiology – Clinical Oncology

Endocrinology – Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Nephrology – Neurology

Rheumatology – Urology