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  Friday 23 March 2018
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Nature Outlook San Diego
San Diego Supplement Malaria: The long road to a healthy Africa
The Nature Outlook Malaria zeroes in on the major issues in the war on malaria, with a particular focus on Africa. It analyses the current state of affairs, the major scientific and other obstacles in treatment and control, and the promising areas where substantial progress might be made. Until February 2005 the supplement will be freely available online.

Table of contents

Philip Campbell and Declan Butler
Nature 430, 923 (2004)
Plague of my people
Pascoal Mocumbi
Nature 430, 925 (2004)
Between hope and a hard place
Brian Greenwood
Nature 430, 926 (2004)
Power to the people
Declan Butler
Nature 430, 928 (2004)
An attack on all fronts
Richard Klausner and Pedro Alonso
Nature 430, 930 (2004)
Where did it all go wrong?
Amir Attaran
Nature 430, 932 (2004)
The invisible victims
Robert W. Snow
Nature 430, 934 (2004)

Struggling to make an impact
Apoorva Mandavilli
Nature 430, 935 (2004)
Taking aim at mosquitoes
Janet Hemingway
Nature 430, 936 (2004)
The long and winding road
Julie Clayton and Declan Butler
Nature 430, 937 (2004)
Strength in unity
Melinda Moree
Nature 430, 938 (2004)
Save the children
Stephen Hoffman
Nature 430, 940 (2004)
Winning the drugs war
Robert Ridley and Yeya Toure
Nature 430, 942 (2004)
Know thine enemy
Daniel Carucci
Nature 430, 944 (2004)

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