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Technology of the year 2019

Edge computing — in which data is processed on distributed nodes or devices, near to where it is being generated, that is, at the edge of the network — is our 2019 technology of the year. Here, in a series of articles, we explore the history, future and wider context of the technology.


Comment & Opinion

Victor Bahl, Distinguished Scientist and Director of Mobility and Networking Research at Microsoft, tells Nature Electronics about the future of edge computing.

Q&A | | Nature Electronics

Different Internet of Things (IoT) applications demand different levels of intelligence and efficiency in processing data. Multi-tier computing, which integrates cloud, fog and edge computing technologies, will be required in order to deliver future IoT services.

Comment | | Nature Electronics

Reverse Engineering

Edge computing processes data on infrastructure that is located close to the point of data creation. Mahadev Satyanarayanan recounts how recognition of the potential limitations of centralized, cloud-based processing led to this new approach to computing.

Reverse Engineering | | Nature Electronics