Waiting for Nature Water

Nature Water will publish papers covering all aspects of research that are connected to the evolving relationship between society and water resources. To face the challenges posed by climate change and increasing population, water research requires the integrated contribution of scientists from different disciplines, across the natural and social sciences and engineering. We aim to publish studies that can have an impact on fundamental understanding, on practical technological applications, and on the potential for policy implementation.

To illustrate the scope of the journal, the editors of Nature Water have prepared this Collection - extensive but not exhaustive - of primary research articles, published by journals in the Nature Portfolio over the past three years, grouped into the broad thematic areas that the journal will cover.

We hope you enjoy browsing through this Collection. To learn more about how to submit a manuscript to Nature Water, please visit our For Authors pages. You can also contact the editors of the journal at for any question about the scope.

Marketing image for Nature Water, created by the art team at Nature Portfolio

Water resources science and climate change effects

Water treatment and relation with food and energy

Water Management and societal issues

Sanitation and public health