Human Space Habitat Design and Sustainability

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npj Microgravity is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing premier research that enables space exploration, and provides novel insight into life, engineering and physical sciences to benefit Earth-based research. See our journal impact here. We are currently seeking submissions for a multidisciplinary Collection focusing on human space habitat design and sustainability from the biological, physical and engineering perspectives, in particular but not limited to the subject areas listed below.

This Call for Papers welcomes submissions focused on low earth orbit (LEO) or deep space exploration missions (e.g., lunar and Mars missions).

  • Plants and food systems
  • Fluid systems Life support systems, including air and water purification
  • Synthetic biology and in situ resource utilization
  • Microbial impact on human, plant and life support systems
  • Approaches for microbial and toxicological control
  • Habitat design including behavioral considerations and human interface with onboard systems
  • Mitigating impact of spaceflight environment on human physiology
  • Animal studies
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Space Habitat on Mars


  • Brian Motil

    Deputy Editor, npj Microgravity, previously at NASA Glenn Research Center

  • Mark Ott

    Deputy Editor, npj Microgravity, NASA Johnson Space Center




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