General relativity at 100

In November 1915, Albert Einstein put the finishing touches on his radical reinvention of space, time, gravity and the Universe itself. Throughout the following 100 years, experimenters have confirmed the general theory of relativity to ever-higher precision, and theorists have unravelled implications of it that even Einstein had not dreamed of, from black holes to the Big Bang. In this special collection and in a companion e-book, Nature celebrates the past triumphs of Einstein’s creation and the milestones yet to come.

Nature Pastcast: Testing Einstein

How Arthur Eddington’s expedition confirmed that mass curves the path of light. Nature (28 March 2014)

Nature Video: The beginning of everything

Explore the brave new world of gravitational-wave astronomy. Nature (17 March 2014)

Nature Podcast: Relativity revival

Cosmologist Pedro Ferreira reveals what the theory has taught us so far, and what it still has to offer. Nature (10 February 2014)