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Innovations in ophthalmology

New innovative approaches harnessing gene therapy, drug delivery and artificial intelligence are proving successful to help treat diseases of the eye. Here we explore emerging technologies and therapies from companies working in the field.

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Approaches such as gene therapy and nucleic acid-based therapies are emerging in recent deals related to potential treatments for ophthalmic diseases.

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Isarna Therapeutics’ antisense therapy targeting transforming growth factor beta 2, ISTH0036, is about to enter phase 2 clinical development for two retinal diseases: wet age-related macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema.

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Catalyst Biosciences has built a protease medicines platform for engineering protease therapeutics designed to correct disease-causing imbalances in biological cascades. The company currently focuses on disorders in the complement or coagulation systems, but has the potential to address additional diseases.

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InMed Pharmaceuticals, a leader in the development of rare cannabinoid pharmaceutical drug candidates for various diseases, has a portfolio of cannabinol-based clinical and preclinical programs and is focused on advancing its preclinical glaucoma and ocular disease program via partnerships.

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One molecule, two products; how Trefoil Therapeutics engineered FGF1 (TTHX1114) to enable the treatment of multiple diseases affecting the cornea.

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NovaGo Therapeutics is developing a first-in-class fully human antibody therapy to treat diabetic retinopathy. With its novel disease-modifying mode of action, it could save the sight of the many patients who respond poorly to current treatments.

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