Community science

A joint Guest Edited Collection from Humanities & Social Sciences Communications and Scientific Reports.

Engaging non-professionals in scientific research not only enables data collection and processing on a scale that would otherwise be impossible; it also fosters public awareness of and interest in science. In some cases, it can even empower communities to take ownership of the question or problem that the research addresses, and to influence the solutions. In recent decades, the widespread adoption of smartphones has both facilitated community-based research and allowed for its integration with artificial intelligence techniques. Whether monitoring biodiversity, building new RNA and protein structures online, or tracking stressors in urban environments, community scientists are invaluable collaborators in natural, medical, and social science fields from astronomy to zoology.

To honour these contributions to scientific progress and encourage further public involvement in research, Humanities & Social Sciences Communications and Scientific Reports are opening a joint call for submissions related to community science. We welcome submissions of primary research in any area of the humanities, behavioural and social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, or engineering that involves data collection and/or processing by members of the public. We also welcome other article types, such as Reviews and Comments, which will be considered for publication only in Humanities & Social Sciences Communications. Authors should refer to the aims and scope of Humanities & Social Sciences Communications and Scientific Reports to determine the most appropriate journal for their manuscript.

Flat illustration of a crowd containing inclusive and diversified people all together without any difference.


  • Núria Castell, PhD

    NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Norway; Scientific Reports

  • Justus Henke, PhD

    Institut für Hochschulforschung an der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany; Humanities & Social Sciences Communications

  • Laura Ruiz-Eugenio, PhD

    University of Barcelona, Spain; Humanities & Social Sciences Communications

  • Willem Takken, PhD

    Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands; Scientific Reports

  • Di Yang, PhD

    University of Wyoming, USA; Scientific Reports