Chemical Engineering Distilled

Chemical Engineering is vital to overcoming society’s most pressing and time-sensitive challenges in a realizable, reliable and scalable manner. Nature Chemical Engineering will publish leading papers covering a broad range of systems and scales that significantly advance fundamental research, aid product and process development and explore new technological solutions, all in the context of core chemical engineering approaches.

In advance of the formal launch in January 2024, the editors have curated an online Collection to showcase the potential breadth and scope of the journal. The Collection consists of articles published by Nature Research over the past three years that are grouped into four broad thematic categories that the journal will cover. The thematic areas and article list, while representative, are far from complete; you can contact the journal editors at for any questions on scope.

We hope you enjoy this collection. To learn more about how to submit a manuscript to Nature Chemical Engineering, please visit our For Authors pages.

A petrochemical refinery located at the edge of a body of water illuminates the surroundings with its many bright lights at night.

Process design, modelling and intensification

Catalysis and reaction engineering

Separations and transport processes

Cellular and biomolecular engineering