SN Oncology Portfolio

We are pleased to share with you here an overview of the academic oncology journals within the Springer Nature portfolio.

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This set of articles features some of our recent review content. Spanning a broad spectrum of cancer research, from underlying biology, therapeutic management and clinical care, to survivorship, we hope you enjoy browsing these articles.

Debris-stimulated tumor growth: a Pandora’s box?, Haak, V.M., Huang, S. & Panigrahy, D., Cancer and Metastasis Reviews

Noncoding RNAs link metabolic reprogramming to immune microenvironment in cancers, Zhang, Y., Mao, Q., Xia, Q. et al.Journal of Hematology & Oncology

Optimizing the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in younger and older adults: new drugs and evolving paradigms, Short, N.J., Kantarjian, H. & Jabbour, E., Leukemia

Cell-free DNA analysis in current cancer clinical trials: a review, Cisneros-Villanueva, M., Hidalgo-Pérez, L., Rios-Romero, M. et al., British Journal of Cancer

A new classification of cardio-oncology syndromes, de Boer, R.A., Aboumsallem, J.P., Bracun, V. et al., Cardio-Oncology

Bruton’s tyrosine kinase: an emerging targeted therapy in myeloid cells within the tumor microenvironment, Good, L., Benner, B. & Carson, Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy

Mitophagy in carcinogenesis, drug resistance and anticancer therapeutics, Guan, Y., Wang, Y., Li, B. et al., Cancer Cell International

Mechanical Pressure Driving Proteoglycan Expression in Mammographic Density: a Self-perpetuating Cycle? Reye, G., Huang, X., Haupt, L.M. et al.Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia

ESR1 mutation as an emerging clinical biomarker in metastatic hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, Brett, J.O., Spring, L.M., Bardia, A. et al., Breast Cancer Research

Catching viral breast cancer, Lawson, J.S., Glenn, W.K., Infectious Agents and Cancer