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Nature Chemical Biology 15th anniversary

The June 2020 issue of Nature Chemical Biology marks 15 years of publication for the chemical biology community. In celebration, we present special content that highlights the scientific accomplishments and future promise of chemical biology.



We asked a collection of chemical biologists, “What was the most exciting research achievement or technology innovation in chemical biology in the last five years?” and reveal some of the perspectives we received.

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We present a selection of papers published in Nature Chemical Biology over the past five years that reflect the diversity and excitement of chemical biology research.

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This historical Perspective on continuous directed evolution focuses on laboratory approaches that enable greater understanding of evolving molecular populations and offer investigators tools to guide the emergence of new biomolecular systems.

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This Perspective highlights emerging themes in the inter-regulation of the genome and metabolism via chromatin, including nonenzymatic histone modifications, cofactor-promiscuous chromatin-modifying enzymes, and subnucleocytoplasmic metabolite pools.

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