Geographies of emotional and care labour

Editor: Dr Jessica Parish (Political Science, York University, Canada)

Advisory Editor: Professor Jean Michel Montsion (International Studies, Glendon College, York University, Canada)

Scope: In recent years, shifts have been witnessed in the social organization of emotional and care labour, notably as they intersect with new global trends in migratory patterns and international mobility, the restructuring of social reproduction and public—private divides, as well as the flexibilization of labour markets and a resurgence of volunteer work. Building on key insights from feminist scholars, theorists of affect, and critical social theory, this collection explores the various spatial dimensions of emotional and care labour in neoliberal times. In particular, it aims to examine how local and global processes create new challenges and opportunities for those who participate in, and/or are the object(s) of, forms of emotional and care labour. With a focus on emotions and affect as a central epistemological and methodological orientation, this collection aims to put the emphasis on heretofore under-explored linkages between spatial/social functions and broader political and economic processes.

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