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Destination: Titan

Titan, Saturn's largest moon, truly deserves its name. Larger than the planet Mercury, it has a dense atmosphere filled with photochemical smog that shrouds the moon's surface in mystery. What lies beneath? The only way to be sure is to send a probe through the clouds. The Cassini craft has taken seven years to carry the Huygens probe to Titan. Nature news watches as the results come in.

Titan: swimming in the rain
Signs of lakes, flash floods, storm clouds and drizzle seen on Saturn's moon.
26 July 2006
Titan disappoints ocean hunters 
Saturnian moon has no seas, but may well be volcanically active.
8 June 2005
Titanic life may bloom without water 
Hydrocarbon seas on Saturn's moon could be a solvent for biological molecules.
31 January 2005
Titan reveals methane rain and rocks of water  
A week's analysis confirms Earth-like features on saturnian moon.
21 January 2005
Huygens: the missing data  
Nature news finds out where it went, and whether it matters.
20 January 2005
Titan team claims just deserts as probe hits moon of crème brûlée  
European space craft successfully parachutes down to Saturn's moon.
19 January 2005
Amateurs beat space agencies to Titan pictures  
Online community processed raw images at record speed.
19 January 2005
Latest Titan pictures show details of geography  
A complex weather cycle creates the moon's terrain.
18 January 2005
Huygens finds solid ground on Titan 
Probe's first data show rocks, possible rivers and seas.
17 January 2005
Triumph as Huygens lands 
Scientists ecstatic about data from Titan probe.
17 January 2005
Huygens on Titan

After a 7-year journey, Huygens is finally poised to penetrate Titan's mysterious atmosphere. This guide reveals what scientists think the probe might find.
7 January 2005
Cassini at Saturn
The Cassini spacecraft has arrived at Saturn to begin a four-year exploration of the ringed giant and its moons. Read our interactive guide to the mission, including all the latest news.
1 July 2004

Huygens will have a bumpy ride to Titan's surface. Click here to see an animation of the descent and landing.
Huygens at Titan's doorstep 
Alarms set to rouse probe as it dives for Saturn's giant moon.
13 January 2005
Huygens probe sets out for Titan 
Twenty-day trek will be followed by a fiery descent.
29 December 2004
Cassini sees changing weather on Titan 
Huygens probe ready for dive through atmosphere.
17 December 2004
Saturn's moons show spectacular contrast 
Space probe captures Tethys and Titan close-ups.
25 November 2004
Probe data reveal Titan's etched face 
Cassini images suggest a surprisingly dynamic surface.
29 October 2004
Cassini sweeps past Titan 
Spacecraft gets closest ever view of Saturn's giant moon.
27 October 2004
Cassini lifts Titan's hazy veil 
Moon gives hints of hydrocarbons in hot spots.
05 July 2004
Cassini enters orbit 
Saturn satellite slides smoothly into position.
01 July 2004
Saturn looms in Cassini's sights 
Probe nears target after seven-year voyage.
07 June 2004
Wind blows west on Titan 
Probe nears target after seven-year voyage.
12 June 2001
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