Wilson's Workshop

Taking the growing interest on penile surgeries among young urologists into consideration, we have designed a special section in our journal, which is authored by some of the pioneering surgeons specialized in this field. Henceforth, in every issue of IJIR: Your Sexual Medicine Journal, we will be providing you tips, and tricks related to penile prostheses, Peyronie’s Disease correction techniques, penile cosmetic surgeries, transgender operations and etc. We are excited to announce that the inaugural editor of this section will be Steve K. Wilson, a living legend in prosthetic urology.

We are pleased to acknowledge the financial support from The Barbara and Steve Wilson Foundation and Coloplast in producing this collection.

Dr Wilson is a consultant for AMT, Coloplast, International Medical Devices and Uramix.

These articles have been compiled to assist in medical education, training and instruction. Any recommendations, statements, opinions, etc., found in these articles are based on the experiences of the authors. Medical decisions for your patients are to be based upon their condition and your medical judgment. Coloplast does not recommend or endorse any particular course of treatment or medical choice as referenced in these materials. Before using any medical device, including those referenced in this compilation, review all relevant instructions for use, with particular attention to the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions, and steps for use of the device. This compilation was funded (as to printing) and is distributed by Coloplast. Please direct any questions to its office of medical affairs.