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Science communication

Most of the time, researchers aim to communicate the results of their work to other researchers. Sometimes, however, they feel the need to get their science across to a larger audience. Here is a collection of articles to help scientists communicate science effectively to the public and policymakers.


Making a podcast as a side project involves a steep learning curve, and although it might never beat Serial in the podcast rankings, the process can have myriad other benefits, says Katherine Bassil.

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Science communication can be a welcome destination for some PhD students, but my road there was not straightforward. It required support from a life coach and international organizations, explains Evguenia Alechine.

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The UK television competition, which has spawned spin-offs in 30 other countries, is back for a tenth series, starting on 27 August. The 2018 winner Rahul Mandal and 2017 contestant Chuen-Yan Tsou (‘Yan’) talk cake, failed bakes, imposter syndrome and why science is an advantage in the Bake Off tent.

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For scientists who want to combine public outreach with research, a museum may be the perfect place to work, says Ricki Lewis.

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