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Sequencing Quality Control 2

This Web Collection presents the results of the Sequencing Quality Control 2 (SEQC2) project that sought to evaluate quality-control metrics and human, bacterial and metagenomic reference materials and datasets for next-generation sequencing (NGS) in both regulatory settings and precision medicine. Data from several different laboratories are compared and the performance of different sequencing platforms and data analysis approaches assessed. This is phase IV of a collaboration between government, academic and industry researchers as part of the Microarray Quality Control (MAQC) consortium.


The Sequencing Quality Control 2 (SEQC2/MAQC-IV) project provides resources to aid sequencing reproducibility and highlights factors that can guide platform and software choice.

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The MicroArray Quality Control consortium—a 16-year international effort led by the FDA and involving hundreds of scientists from academia, industry and government—helped make genomic medicine a reality.

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Tumor–normal paired DNA samples from a breast cancer cell line and a matched lymphoblastoid cell line enable calibration of clinical sequencing pipelines and benchmarking ‘tumor-only’ or ‘matched tumor–normal’ analyses.

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Measurement(s) single-cell gene expression analysis Technology Type(s) RNA sequencing Sample Characteristic - Organism Homo sapiens Sample Characteristic - Environment cell line
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