Nature Reviews Cover Image Competition

We’re looking for eye-catching images to feature on the covers of our 2020 issues of the clinical Nature Reviews titles. In addition to their image featuring as the cover of a Nature Reviews journal throughout 2020, each winner will also receive £120/$150/€130, a one year personal subscription to a Nature journal of their choice and their image featured in ‘Nature’s Images of the Month'.

Click on the tabs below for details on how to enter and to view our helpful tips, including a selection of previous winning images and why they caught our eye.

Helpful tips when preparing your entry

Here’s a selection of previous competititon winning images and why they caught our eye:

Nature Reviews Cardiology

Nature Reviews Cardiology

With the use of advanced medical imaging, this striking picture gets to the heart of cardiac fibre orientation.



Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology

This image beautifully shows how in vitro-cultured organoids on a 3D matrix can faithfully recapitulate colon cancer biology.



Nature Reviews Endocrinology

Whole-mount confocal microscopy reveals the complexity and beauty of adipose tissue.



Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology

This striking image showcases the beauty of a cross-section of a human intestinal organoid.



Nature Reviews Nephrology

New culture systems can be used to model disease with beautiful results.



Nature Reviews Neurology

This eye-catching image shows the juxtaposition of the neuromuscular and vascular systems.



Nature Reviews Rheumatology

This gorgeous image of the intricate structure of cartilage highlights the importance of circadian clock proteins in osteoarthritis.



Nature Reviews Urology

This surprisingly beautiful image shows immunofluorescence imaging of a rat penile cross-section in an ex vivo model of penile transplantation rejection.