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Nuclear research, industry and policy

Nuclear power research, industry and policy are shaped by complex scientific, political, social and economic factors. Here we bring together Comments and Reviews from academia, industry and nuclear organisations highlighting diverse viewpoints on all these factors. Complemented by editorial pieces dedicated to the analysis of current trends, this Collection is an attempt to provide context and reference to the non-expert.


Many small research reactors used as neutron sources are being shut down. To replace them, new facilities are being developed. In particular, compact accelerator-based neutron sources can take up many of the activities previously supported by reactor-based facilities.

Comment | | Nature Reviews Physics

Iranian scientists are growing increasingly isolated because of political tensions between Iran and the West. We attempt to alleviate this problem through science diplomacy.

Commentary | | Nature Physics

In Aesop’s fable, a swift hare races with a deliberate tortoise. In the end, the tortoise wins by taking a slow and steady approach. We argue that, given the economic constraints on US deployment of nuclear power, a ‘tortoise strategy’ is more prudent for US government nuclear R&D efforts.

Comment | | Nature Energy



US nuclear diplomacy appears to be entering a turbulent phase. Although their voice is currently sidelined by geopolitical events, physicists have a duty to speak up.

Editorial | | Nature Physics