Superconductivity in nickelates

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The discovery of superconductivity in infinite-layer nickelate thin films in 2019 opened a new realm for superconductivity research after a decades-long search for superconductivity in nickel-based compounds. The subsequent discovery of superconductivity in bulk nickelate compounds under hydrostatic pressure in 2023 has re-ignited the field.

This cross-journal Collection between Nature Communications, Communications Physics and Scientific Reports welcomes submissions focusing on superconductivity in nickelate compounds, both at ambient conditions and at high pressure.

All participating journals invite submissions of original research, with Nature Communications and Communications Physics also considering Reviews and Perspectives which fall within the scope of the collection. All submissions will be subject to the same peer review process and editorial standards as other articles submitted to the participating journals. As the participating journals remain editorially distinct and independent, each journal will come entirely to its own editorial judgment.

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