Adult neurogenesis and aging mechanisms

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Adult neurogenesis supports important brain functions, such as learning and memory, and its sharp decrease during aging may contribute to the cognitive decline of the aged brain. This Collection aims to gain insight into the cellular and molecular drivers of the age-associated reduction of adult neurogenesis, by gathering studies investigating the mechanisms of neurogenic aging in rodents and other vertebrate and invertebrate model systems, employing both in vivo and in vitro approaches.

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neurons in green and yellow


Giuseppe Lupo was trained as a graduate student and post-doc in the labs of Giuseppina Barsacchi (University of Pisa) and William Harris (University of Cambridge), where he worked on neural development in frog and fish embryos and in human embryonic stem cells. He moved to Sapienza University of Rome in 2009, where he presently serves as an Associate Professor of developmental biology. His current research is focused on the molecular mechanisms regulating mammalian neurogenesis using in vitro culture systems. He has been an Editorial Board Member for Scientific Reports since 2017.