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Pluto and Ceres: fresh views of dwarf planets

In 2015, scientists got their best glimpse yet of dwarf planets, when two NASA spacecraft visited distant worlds. In March, the Dawn mission arrived at Ceres, which lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter; water ice may lurk under the protoplanet's crust. On 14 July, the New Horizons spacecraft reached the far edge of the Solar System, buzzing by Pluto before continuing on to the Kuiper belt.

New Horizons mission to Pluto

Latest images from New Horizons spacecraft show bright spot near dwarf planet’s pole.

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NASA scientists scramble to find an object in the outer Solar System’s Kuiper belt in time for a close-up visit.

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Dawn mission to Ceres

Archive - Pluto

Archive - Dawn visits Vesta

Mission poised to explore the Solar System's largest asteroids in detail.

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