Space Quantum Communication

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Quantum communication --the driving force behind the deployment of the quantum internet-- offers mathematically perfect security and as such is one of the most anticipated disruptive technologies. However extending this to a global scale communication network, including long distance communication, faces significant challenges. For the foreseeable future, all large scale quantum networks will include satellite quantum communication: the focus of this collection. Several research groups, governments and companies are heavily invested in space quantum communication and there are many planned quantum satellite launches. 

This collection will cover research in supporting technologies, new quantum protocols, inter-satellite QKD, constellations of satellites, and quantum inspired technologies and protocols for space based communication. The goal is to support developments during all major steps including, but not limited to, novel feasibility studies, field tests, space qualification of components/systems, time/clock synchronisation, and a variety of mobile platforms. Space based quantum communications platforms may host tests of fundamental physics, and such work is also welcome. The collection aspires to present an important overview of the state-of-the-art of the field, and to be an authoritative reference for the near future.

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Illustration of quantum technologies in space


  • Siddarth Koduru Joshi

    University of Bristol’s Quantum Engineering Technology labs -QET labs

  • James A Grieve

    Quantum Research Centre, Technology Innovation Institute, Abu Dhabi

  • Erik Kerstel

    University of Grenoble Alps