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Pollutants which pose serious ecological and health risks are increasingly being released into the environment as a result of anthropogenic activities. Developing and implementing ‘cleaning-up' strategies which effectively extract or neutralise harmful environmental contaminants are therefore a current global priority. The use of biological agents, primarily micro-organisms and plants, to remove contaminants, broadly termed ‘bioremediation’, is a cost-effective and sustainable solution to counter high levels of environmental pollution, and rapid advances in this area are being facilitated by recent technological developments in genomics and synthetic biology.

This Collection welcomes original research on all aspects of bioremediation, including but not limited to phytoremediation, bioaugmentation, biofilters, bioreactors, bioventing, composting and land farming.

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Petroleum spill mixed with other chemical substances on sea and sand surface. Pollution images, Samet Island, Thailand. - stock photo


  • Yan Dang

    Beijing Forestry University, China

  • Pratyoosh Shukla

    Banaras Hindu University, India

  • Thomas Smith

    Sheffield Hallam University, UK

  • Zengqiang Zhang

    Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, China

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