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Focus on Macrophages

Nature Immunology presents a Focus on recent progress in understanding the ontogeny, functional diversity and activation plasticity of macrophages. Four specially commissioned Reviews and one Perspective discuss the newest insight into the origin and development of macrophages and the regulation of their activation during immune responses, as well as the emerging role of macrophages in tissue homeostasis.


  • Nature Immunology | Editorial

    New data redefine macrophages as diverse, polyfunctional and plastic cells that respond to the needs of the tissue at steady state and during disturbed homeostasis.

  • Nature Immunology | Review Article

    Gomez Perdiguero and Geissmann discuss the origin of tissue macrophages as a layered system composed of resident macrophages originating mostly from yolk-sac progenitor cells and transitory myeloid cells that originate and renew from bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells.

    • Elisa Gomez Perdiguero
    •  &  Frederic Geissmann
  • Nature Immunology | Review Article

    Macrophages are essential components of mammalian tissues. In this Review, Okabe and Medzhitov discuss the emerging views of macrophage biology from evolutionary, developmental and homeostatic perspectives.

    • Yasutaka Okabe
    •  &  Ruslan Medzhitov
  • Nature Immunology | Review Article

    Glass and Natoli review recent advances in the understanding of mechanisms underlying priming and signal-dependent activation of macrophages, and discuss the impact of genetic variation on these processes.

    • Christopher K Glass
    •  &  Gioacchino Natoli