Celebrating 15 Years of Covalent Organic Frameworks

In 2005, Adrien Côté, Omar Yaghi, and co-workers reported the synthesis of porous, crystalline, covalent organic frameworks (COFs), expanding the scope of reticular synthesis from metal–organic frameworks to their purely organic counterparts (A. P. Côté et al., Science 310, 1166–1170 (2005)). Since then, research on COFs has quickly developed into an interdisciplinary research field, and these materials have been investigated for numerous applications ranging from gas storage to energy conversion.

This collection celebrates 15 years of research on COFs and highlights some of the contributions that were published in journals of the Nature Research portfolio. We hope you enjoy exploring these snippets on the synthesis and structure of COFs, their physical properties, and their application in fields encompassing energy, catalysis, storage and separation.

Synthesis and Structure

Physical Properties

Energy and Catalysis

Storage and Separation