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One Year of Nature Cancer

As Nature Cancer celebrates its first anniversary, we present a selection of the articles we have published so far, highlighting key areas of our diverse scope from cancer biology and genomics to translational and clinical cancer research.

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This month marks one year since the launch of Nature Cancer. As we celebrate our first anniversary, we reflect on the past year and thank the cancer research community for embracing our journal.

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Inhibition of the anti-apoptotic protein BCL-2 has emerged as a highly effective treatment for acute myeloid leukemia; approved lower-intensity venetoclax combination therapies are now being rapidly incorporated into an improved standard of care for this cancer. Here we recount an abbreviated history of venetoclax for acute myeloid leukemia, focusing on a selection of key studies along the path from development into the clinic.

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Recent preclinical and clinical research has led to exciting advances related to high-grade serous ovarian cancer, from examining its cellular origins to gaining insight into DNA-damage-repair mechanisms that may be leveraged for therapies. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated clinical benefit for inhibition of the polymerase PARP and modulation of the cell cycle, and have identified molecular features related to therapeutic response.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the spectrum of cancer care, including delaying diagnoses and treatment and halting clinical trials. In response, healthcare systems are rapidly reorganizing cancer services to ensure that patients continue to receive essential care while minimizing exposure to SARS-CoV-2 infection.

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