Proceedings from the Second Annual Meeting of Obesity Programs of Nutrition, Education, Research and Assessment (OPERA) Group...DON’T MISS A BEAT!

International Journal of Obesity Supplements

Volume 10 | Issue 1

The OPERA meeting, February 15-16th 2019, Naples Italy, was a forum for attendees to discuss and learn about obesity and obesity-related cardiovascular diseases including: prevalence and trends of cardiovascular diseases in obesity, cardiovascular risk factors, diagnosis of obesity, nutrition, obesity and weight management, surgical and non-surgical methods, preventive approaches of obesity to tackle obesity and obesity-related cardiovascular diseases.

Sponsorship: The 2019 OPERA meeting was organized by Panta Rei Srl and sponsored by Novo Nordisk, Therascience, Bruno Pharma, Merck, Savio Pharma Italia Srl, IBSA Institut Biochimique SA, Bioitalia Srl, Cohesion Pharmaceutical, and Specchiasol Srl. Publication of the supplement was funded by Panta Rei Srl, Naples, Italy. The meeting sponsors and organizer did not have access to the manuscripts and the authors maintained control of the content.