Sperm biology and male reproductive health

A male factor is detected in about half of infertile couples seeking medical assistance to achieve pregnancy. A number of clinical conditions and lifestyle factors can affect male fertility through alterations to spermatogenesis, sperm function, and endocrine profiles. This Collection gathers research Articles investigating sperm functional integrity and seminal plasma molecular pathways. 

Blue microscopic sperm on black background.


Ricardo Bertolla is a specialist in male infertility research. He is Professor of Urology at the Paulista School of Medicine of the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil, where he is also Graduate Program Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Urology. In 2018 he joined the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports. His research group is interested in the cellular and molecular mechanisms of male infertility, with a specific emphasis on sperm functional alterations (including sperm DNA fragmentation and mitochondrial activity) as well as on semen proteomics.