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Viewpoints on data and code sharing

The increased sharing of data and code is often presented as an important part of the future of research, but the details of how best to implement this can be difficult to determine. In February, we published an editorial where we discussed our view on these issues and asked the physics community to share their opinion with us. Here, we collect the feedback that we published along with a second editorial that summarises our response and our plans to encourage more extensive sharing of data in the future.


After much debate about what should be done about sharing of scientific data and source code, practical solutions are still hard to come by. How should the physics community move forward?

Editorial | | Nature Physics

As a result of feedback from the research community, we are strengthening our encouragement for authors to share a certain amount of data with their papers.

Editorial | | Nature Physics



Availability of the source code should soon become the minimum standard for academic software. In addition, culture should shift to embrace code review and appropriate credit for the developers of reusable software.

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