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By using repeats of two or more dissimilar materials organised in a periodic structure with the thickness of the order of nanometer, material bandgap engineering can be achieved. Such artificial materials are called superlattices. Because of their periodic structure, superlattices present a periodic potential: they can be considered as a set of quantum wells with finite potential barrier height repeated periodically, and barrier width thin enough to allow electrons to tunnel through. Superlattices can be classified according to the confinement scheme; their novel electronic structure gives rise to innovative electrical and optical properties, enabling their response to be highly tuned to specific applications. Their unique characteristics have made them essential in light emitting as well as sensing technologies, being used for example in pioneering the next generation of quantum systems.

This Collection considers original research in the topic of superlattices, bringing together articles presenting their growth and characterisations, as well as their use in novel and timely applications.

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