Materials and devices for separation, sensing, and protection

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Responsible consumption and production, and the realisation of sustainable cities and communities, are two of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations to end poverty and achieve peace and prosperity in a sustainable manner. Materials scientists and chemists have an important role to play in the sustainable production, use, and disposal of materials, and also in the production of materials and devices that improve our well-being in sustainable and cost-effective ways. In this Collection, the editors of Nature Communications and Communications Materials  welcome the submission of primary research articles that highlight the development and application of functional materials in the areas of separation, sensing, and protection. In particular, the collection will feature articles in the areas of separations and filtration processes; metal extraction and recovery; development of functional coatings, surfaces and chemical sensors; development of materials for extreme environments; thermal management, and electromagnetic shielding. In addition to improvements in material performances and cost reduction, we particularly welcome articles focused on sustainable material production, application, and disposal.

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Circular economy concept. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions are increasing. Sharing,reusing,repairing,renovating and recycling existing materials and products as much possible.

Separations and extraction of raw materials

Functional surfaces and interfaces

Chemical sensors, sensing devices

Sustainable structural and protective materials