Psychological dimensions of immigration

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The Editors at Communications Psychology, Nature Communications, and Scientific Reports invite submissions on the topic of the psychological dimensions of immigration.

This curated Collection of research articles seeks to bring together high-quality publications that address psychological questions related to immigration. Submissions may come from any field of psychology or neighbouring disciplines, such as social work, education, and psychiatry.

We welcome work that considers the social, developmental, health, and well-being implications of immigration. This could include work exploring social dynamics and group processes for those with an immigration background, work examining identity or educational development in immigrant children and adolescents, as well as work considering the well-being and mental health of immigrants across the lifespan including those in older age. Other topics of interest include acculturative stress, discrimination, health inequalities, adaptation, and flourishing.

The journals will consider submissions of Research Articles and Registered Reports. Information about these and other submission formats offered at each journal can be found on their respective websites: Communications Psychology, Nature Communications, and Scientific Reports. If you are interested in contributing a Comment or Review article, please contact the editors at Communications Psychology to discuss suitability for the journal. We will highlight relevant publications in this Collection.

This Collection supports and amplifies research related to SDG 3 and SDG 10.

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