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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global health emergency that threatens many of the medical advances made in the last century. In 2016, the United Nations General Assembly held a high-level meeting that highlighted the relevance of controlling AMR in the context of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. A major driver of AMR in humans is the suboptimal prescribing of antimicrobials. To address the challenge of suboptimal antimicrobial prescribing, a multi-modal approach is required including development of better diagnostics, new antimicrobial drugs, and improved methods for using current agents. To successfully address the challenge of AMR, this will require engagement from a range of actors at national, regional, and local levels. An understanding of human behaviour will be critical and engagement across scientific disciplines to support the development of new approaches to old problems.

We welcome submissions of primary research that address the problem of AMR and suboptimal antimicrobial use in human medicine. Given the need for a multi-modal approach to the problem of AMR, we encourage submissions focusing on diagnostics, novel agent discovery, optimisation of current antimicrobial agents, behavioural interventions, and wider policy approaches to AMR. Other article types, such as Reviews, Perspectives, and Comments that add significant insight into the challenges of AMR will also be considered for inclusion in the Collection. All submissions will be subject to the same review process and editorial standards as regular Communications Medicine Articles.

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